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In 2007 my attention was grabbed by a newspaper article that stated that 60% of British teens would not hesitate to perform some form of cosmetic surgery or aesthetic body modification. Technological development and social acceptance of these procedures has only exponentially grown since then. Back then it triggered me to question what implications this would have for my two young daughters growing up as teenagers.


Through my research I gathered that this trend was largely driven by the example set by celebrities and parents that had a need to look youthful for an extended period of time. Social media and smart phones were on the rise, making young adults seem mainly concerned with superficial issues centred in their own lives.


As puberty already comes with so many adversities I was challenged to create an opportunity for parents and their pre-teens to discuss the implications of changes ahead.


The body awareness tool Kim'era offers the user an insight into the changing trends of physical silhouettes in a historic perspective. On the other hand it provides an alternative angle on body modification anticipating e.g. climate change.


Scenario's included growing gills in order to survive floods instead of having rhinoplasty.  Having a camel-like water supply implanted to for draught survival instead of breast enlargement.


At the time when this tool was developed climate change was not yet such apparent part of the teenage agenda. Fortunately since then there has been a positive shift into a more collective goal amongst this group for change.


Breast augmentation scenario